Gathering sweet memories

Our move to San Francisco approaching, I often feel nostalgic of our sweet Parisian life. I try to remember each moment, the places we love so much, details  … That’s why I was so happy when Innocence Paris offered me to work together around a photo album gathering the best moments of this last Parisian year!

Printed on a heavy paper, with an elegant layout and font, the photos of this beautiful album will accompany us everywhere. I had also the opportunity to print in 30 x 40 format some photos that are dear to me … 


I highly recommend Innocence Paris, a small company that, since its Parisian studio, works carefully and proposes  photo prints on different media supports adapted to your own needs. Everything is beautiful, elegant and refined. I think I’ll eventually make a lot of mini albums to offer to my loved ones before the departure 🙂


I hope you liked this article and that it encouraged you  to keep your memories on paper too. It’s so good to sit down and flip through an album instead of looking at the pictures on the computer! A real treat for yourself and a moment of family sharing!

Lots of love from Paris, 

Emilie xx.

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