Copenhaguen with kids : our own selection

Copenhaguen with kids :  our own selection.

Last June, the SC family went to Copenhagen for the weekend. We really enjoyed the quietness, the warmth and the joy of this wonderful city from Northern Europe (Denmark). Here I’ve writtenI talk here all about we really liked in this city when you’re a family : food, shopping, walks, accomodations, museums,…

Kid and Coe

Kid and Coe, is a kind of rbnb for families : everything in the apartment or the house you rent is conceived for you and your kids (high chair, crib,…). In Copenhagen, we lived at Sarah’s flat, ideally located in the heart of the city : the interior was arty and well-conceived for kids, especially the living-room in which there was a swing, a children desk and a shelf full of children books and games.

Walking through the city

It’s very easy to walk through the city to visit it, especially if your children are more than 6 years-old.

But it’s easier by bike if you have toddlers : you can hire a cargo bike easily as there are many many  bike renters in this city. All the roads have a special row for bikes, which make this transport very safe.


Lots of resaurants are good and kids friendly  in the Danish capital city. We particularly loved the cafeterias located in Vesterbro, the hipster area. We tested :

  • Bio Mio, the food is scrumptious and organic…The design is great and reminds me of Albion, the famous Shoreditch cafeteria in London.
  • Mother, an healthy pizzeria,  with a generous brunch buffet during the weekend
Bio Mio, Vesterbro
Bio Mio, Vesterbro
Mother, Vesterbro, Copenhague
Mother, Vesterbro, Copenhague

And if you want to eat scrumptious typical but modern food, please try the famous Höst :everything is perfect, nothing to add!

Höst, Copenhague
Höst, Copenhague 

Doing shopping

Copenhague is full of lovely shops, above all in the center part of the city, in Stroeget street. We particularly liked :

  • Hay ‘s design store :  great Danish design furniture
  • The lovely kids’ shop :  Astas on Nicolaj Plad (center)  where you can find a great selection of kids design, toys and fashion
  • Lego’s store  : wonderful Lego sculptures and a great variety of Lego toys

Please note that most shops close early, around 4 pm…



We didn’t have the time to visit a lot of museums. We liked :

  • The Design Museum :  all about Danish Design history. Moreover, the place is very pleasant : great building, good coffe shop,… l
  • Copenhagen Zoo :A very rich zoo, with lots of animals, among them you can find some polar bears


  • Gardens are numerous and cool in the center of city. A very good way to have a rest with kids…
  • Tree-lined canals between Vesterbro and Norrebro make also very pleasant cool family walks  (Norre Voldage)
  • You can also have a rest in one of the numerous coffee-shops. Our favourites are near the covered market and on Nicolaj Plad.

We really loved that city! Our only regret is not to have enough time for a longer journey which would have been perfect to explore the city!

See you soon for a quite different post : I’ll give you one of my favourite recipes, an easy meal with eggplants and goat cheese…

Have a great summertime,

Emilie x.

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