Crazy Carnival

Mardi gras - Sweet Cabane

Crazy Carnival.

Next Tuesday, it ail be what, in France, we call ‘Mardi-Gras’, a big Carnival, mainly for children but also for adults. On this special day,  kids dress up and parade through the  streets : super hero, princess, Little Mermaid, and so on.

When I was a little girl, it was my favorite day because I really loved dressing up (like a princess above all 😉 ). So you can imagine how much I’ve liked selecting some desguises here!  You will find a large selection : from tiger mask, wizard hat,… to Little Red Riding Hood desguise. The New-Zealand brand Seedling is particularly interesting because it offers kits to make your own desguise! A good way to keep children busy during winter holidays!

1. Wonder Woman red tutu with silver stars by Bonton.

2. Dark Vador desguise (suit, mask and cape), La Redoute.

3. Wizard hat, Numéro 74.

4. Ballet tutu by H&M

5. Reversible material crown, Beloeil (Canada) on

6. Super hero desguise by Numero 74.

7. Fairy tutu by H & M.

8. DIY kit to make an Indian feathers crown, by Seedling.

9. Little Red Riding Hood desguise (hat, cape and tights), La Redoute.

10. White tiger mask on

11. Formula 1 driver suit on

While selecting these desguises, I discovered this lovely website  :  Chocolat Show which offers desguises and parties set-up. Please have a look!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection! … See ou soon to talk about lovely children warm underwear!

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