Meaningful jewels

Jewels are very special objects, bearers of meaning and memories … For me, each pièce of jewellery is linked to an important moment of my life (marriage, birth, special moment, …), as a kind ofreminder that wears the body of what has marked us.

But, though jewels are very personal objects, choosing one is also a commitment to others and, more broadly, to the world. Increasingly concerned about our impact on the environment, I am also paying close attention to the origin and the manufacturing process of the jewels I wear. That’s why I’ve been particularly aware of  Courbet‘s philosophy : this brand, created in May 2018 by two jewellery experts, only works from 100% recycled gold and laboratory diamonds.


Crédit photo ; Emilie Roncal

The diamonds are made in Silicon Valley laboratories under conditions that are identical to those of natural diamonds and compete with them in their physical, chemical and optical qualities (they are, of course, appraised by the same international gemological institutes). Gold comes from everyday objects such as mobile phones. As recalled by its founder, Manuel Vallen, “there is more gold on the surface of the Earth than below”.

Courbet’s ethical and sustainable commitment can be observed all throughout the production chain: jewelry manufacturing workshops are only based in Europe (Paris, Lyon, Milan), jewel cases and printed communication medias are made from ecological materials .



But Courbet is also part of most refined  jeweller’s art companies since its founders, Manuel Mallen and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, worked for many years for the biggest companies of the place Vendôme.

The jewels have seduced me with their subtle mix of simplicity, delicacy and refinement. I had a big crush for the ones I photographed here: necklace from the Halo collection, bracelet and ring from O2 collection.


N.B: This post is sponsored by Courbet. However, my opinion is sincere and authentic 🙂

Have a lovely  week, dear friends! Let’s meet again very soon for a new Winter recipe!

Lots of love from Paris,

Emilie xx.

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