Meaningful Christmas gifts

For this coming Christmas, I’ve only selected handmade toys from local brands (though coming from many different countries  : France of course, but also Australia, Netherlands and other countries…). All these brands work from raw or recycled materials (wood, fabrics, iron,…) . They’re very creative and imaginative…


  1. Wooden toys by Encore!  
Encore Jouets

Little rabbits, wooden cabins, furniture… Everything is as simple as poetic, perfect to develop kids’ imagination! Handmade with love in France by Nina Astruc and her sister Fanny. Encore!


2.   Little French Rag dolls

French little rag dolls

So poetic and delicate! Only from fabrics. Made in France.


3. Wooden Story

Wooden Story toys

Building toys, small cars,  that smell a powerful scent of wood….,Every toy is beautifully made in Poland by a family company. I’ve already mentionned in on Sweet Cabane here.


4. A pocket full of Rye

A pocket full of Rye

Delicate wool birds, lovely mushrooms or little dolls … made by Lyddia Burkke in Australia.


5. Mishone Paris

Mishone Paris kids jewelry

Lovely necklaces and  bracelets for little girls. Mainly made from wood in Paris.


6. Blabla Kids

Blabla kids

Cute knitted animals, imps and elfs that can rapidly become your kid’s best friend (we adopted a lovely rabbit from Blabla Kids at home a few months ago 😉 …)


7. Talena et Louison

Talena et Louison


All these little fairies are handmade in France (Provence) by Thaïs. So very poetic and delicate!


8. Studio Escargot

Studio Escargot

Dolls, mushrooms, dwarves. Each toy is handmade by Sophia in the Netherlands.

9. Les créations de Laetitia Dalbies

Elegant knitted fruits and vegetables pefect to play with or to decorate your kid’s bedroom. Handmade by Laetitia Dalbies in France.



There are many other brands I love… You can read the Recreation section of Sweet Cabane or check my stories on Sweet Cabane’s Instagram account 🙂

See you next week for a Christmas recipe !

Lots of love from Paris,

Emilie xx.

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  • tout est magnifique!!! cela donne envie. Je me suis offerte mon cadeau de noël il y a une semaine, un véritable coup de cœur , un coussin fait main par Laetitia Dalbies. oui ce n’est pas donné et je ne peux pas forcément m’acheter cela souvent mais je pense qu’il faut encourager les créateurs locaux qui sont le courage de se lancer et de créer. Consommer moins mais mieux ( si c’est possible, dans ce contexte social je fais attention à ce que je dis 😉 bravo en tout cas pour cette sélection!

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