Family feel good movies

Family feel good movies: photo from It’s a Wonderful Life, by Franck Capra.

On Sunday afternoon, and above all during Winter, we love organising a family home cinema session. We give up all our everyday rules and eat whatever we want (sweets and popcorn  above all). During these ‘free style’ sessions, it’s important to choose a film that the whole family will enjoy, not too childish, nor teenage, …nor adult (of course!).

This is our own selection of family movies we particularly enjoy at home : some are poetic, other are full of adventures,… all are classic and easy to understand!

The period goes from the Thirties to the Nineties, we exclude recent ones on purpose because we love a vintage selection that permits to escape from everyday life and also to pass down a bit of cinema culture to our kids! 


Crin Blanc, by Albert Lamorisse, 1953 : a beautiful friendship story between a wild horse and a child. Poetic and moving!

Moby Dick by John Huston, 1956. We’re plunging into the adventure side by side with the mysterious Gregory Peck!

The Sound of Music, Robert Wise, 1965. Love, adventure, history… and Music! A great cocktail for a great family afternoon!

Princess Bride, by Rob Reiner, 1987. My favourite film when I was a little girl… And one of my kids’ favourite now! Love, adventure and fantasy… Perefect mix!

Moonfleet, Fritz Lang, 1955. Adventure, suspense and escape will be there!

La vie est belle, Franck Capra, 1946. Le feel good movie par excellence!

The Pink Panther, by Blake Edwards, 1963. Humour and suspense for this irresistible movie with the great Peter Sellers!

The King and the Bird by Paul Grimault and  Jacques Prévert, 1980. A beautiful cartoon inspired by The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen Still magic!


So now let’s slow down and take time to be together as a family !

See you soon,



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