London stroll

London Stroll.

During our last family journey in London, we took our time to enjoy this beautiful city. We know quite well the city, but once more, we were completely charmed by its lush parks, its flowery pretty house, its healthy and family friendly tea rooms and coffee shops. It was also the occasion for discovering lovely children shops…

We had a special crush for the North London : Primrose Hill and Hampstead. We really loved  its huge parks, its lovely streets and shops, its beautiful Victorian houses. We just the impression to reconcile contraries : the best of the city and the country in a same place! What else?

To stay

When you’re a family of five,  not that easy to find a hotel… None the less, we foudn one that was pretty and very functional, not far from Hyde Park , with  a kitchenette and a spacious room:  The Cleveland.

If you prefer staying in an apartment, you may have a look at Kid and Coe, the rbnb for families: very lovely apartments in the heart of London.

To eat

Here are more and more good pastries through London with beautiful and scrumptious cakes :

  • In Kensington : Peggy Porschen. We loved its sweet and old-fashioned atmosphère and it delicious cupcakes.
  • In Primrose Hill :  delicatessen grocery Melrose and Morgan… A great selection of products, cakes,  and homemade meals.
  • Primrose Bakery : same style and quality as Peggy Porschen. You have the choice!


Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen
Primrose Bakery
Primrose Bakery

For a family lunch, three tested and approved addresses in central London 🙂

  •  Liberty Café (inside Liberty store) : délicious sandwiches, Eggs Benedict and soups in a so British atmosphere!
  • The Natural Kitchen : self-service, coffee shop and grocery… the food is organic, healthy and scrumptious! A good mix!
  • The Engineer : in Primrose Hill. A true English pub, with delicious food, above all it fish and chips!

To shop

Lot of beautiful children shops  in London. In particular, we love :

  • La Coqueta in Hampstead : Created by Célia, a Spanish mum, this children brand mixes British and Spanish influences. A big crush for its retro chic style!
  • Caramel Baby and Child : the English version of Bonpoint.  I particularly love their Notting Hill sep, very spacious and with a big sélection of the brand must have.
  • Marie Chantal : lovely classic children brand in the heart of Kensington.
  • And the multibrand boutique Elias and Grace, in Primrose Hill, full of treasures!

To do

We are big fans of London parcs which are perfect for a break.  Our favorites : Hyde ParkRegents Park (I particularly love this one because I used to live near from it), and Primrose Hill. Big spaces, great kids installations and, of course, in the heart of Regents Park, the London Zoo!

For a more ‘exotic’ walk, you can also have a walk along Little Venice canals :  always a good idea ! (near to Regent’s Park).

After this break , Julie will gives you 24 original ideas for your Avent Calendar…

Have a good day,


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