Flex in the city… Tous au parc!

While time is about ‘flexing in the city’, using urban equipment (such as walls, bars, stairs,…) here is some exercise to practice when you’re watching your kids at the park… because parklife is not very exciting, isn’t it?

Every family member can do the following exercices : 

Equipment : any multi-activities structure 

If you don’t have all the elements mentionned below, prefer the option ‘without equipment’ at the bottom of each exercise. Practise at least for 20 minutes.

Be careful : you can do the exercises in the order you prefer and the number you want. Test the equipment before starting, taking into account your weight and your height.



1. Hell bars (parallel bars or horizontal scale)

Under the parallel bars, catch one bar in each hand and hang up, arms outstretched.  You can bend your knees if you’re too tall.

Now try to pull on your arms to raise up your chest between the bars. Then let you suspend once again.

Do these pull-ups 5 times .

Without equipment: you can do the same with one horizontal bar.

2.  Step- toboggan 

One foot on the toboggan, the other on the earth. Then change the position of each foot while jumping. And so on.

Make 10 jumps.

Without equipment : simple stairs can be as useful as the toboggan.


3 to 4 . Ducks walk (under toboggans)

Go squatting under the toboggans  Put your feet looking outside and bend your knees.

Without equipment : just do the same exercise! Toboggan is more than optionnel in this case…

5. Stairs

Put your hand on a stairstep. The highest for the little ones. the lowest for adults.

Then do at least  5 press-ups!

Without equipment : you can use whatever step you find.

6. Horizontal scale or rings.

Do some pull-ups and bring your bent thighs to your stomach. Stay there 5 seconds and relax.

7. With a bench or an horizontal bar close to earth

Use a bench to exercice your arms. Bend your legs, feet on the earth, and raise your back. Your hands are straight on the bench  on each side of your buttocks.

Extend your arms, take off your buttocks and move forward from the bench. Take a step forwards. Bend the arms then go them up and extend them. Do it five times at least.

Without equipment : you can use a simple bench

8. Like Tarzan (horizontal scale)

Hang up and move one hand after the other using your body’s impulse to move forward.


Your park gym is over! Now you can have a rest! I hope you’ve enjoyed that program…

See you soon

Johanna X.

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