Happy summer : swimwear selection for families

sélection maillots de bain - Sweet Cabane

Because it’s the perfect moment to choose swimwears for all the family members, this is a short selection for all! From little ones to daddies…

I’ve selected a few styles, but please have a look at the brands on their website : all are ones I really love and it was difficult to select one design in particular !


1. Man swimwear by  Frescobol Carioca : so perfect for a stylish and cool bathing!

2.  Naélie Swimwear, Daphné design. Really love the neckline!

3.  Hilfiger’ shorties, Solid Swim design, on la Redoute : Simple, easy-to-wear but stylish!

4.  Siyu swimwear : love this mint colour! Very elegant! Please have a look at this wonderful young Spanish brand!

5. Beau_Rivage-De Sandre swimwear by Bain (French brand) : just perfect!

6.  Butterfly swimwear top by  Gie Joe…  : I love everything from this US brand, both stylish and comfy. Perfect for a great bathing!


1. Green print swimwear by Le Petit Swim : so lovely that I want the same for myself!

2.Yellow shorty by, H & M : Love the color… and the low price (4,99€)!

3. Baby bikini by Bonton : so sweet on a tanned summer baby!

4. Peach bikini by Little Creative Factory : I love every design from this brand! Please have a look at their website, you’ll be won over!

5. Print bikini by Petit Bateau. the French brand has been developing its swimwear line and it’s just so perfect!

6. Boy shorty at Little Creative Factory ‘s: Love the reversible design and the soft and solid material!

7. Baby bikini by Tocoto Vintage. Soft, light and so cute!

8. Pinf swimwear byEmile et Ida : lovely and easy-to-wear! This brand designs very lovely girl swimwears…


That’s all! I hope you’ve liked this selection and that you and your kids will enjoy this summer as much as you can!!

Emilie xx.

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