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Night is for all of us, a special moment. Once the sun sets, emotions and feelings change. For little ones, this passage from day to night is rarely serene, perceived rather like a rupture. The period before bedtime can also be a time either of anxiety, or excitement. I imagine many of you have experienced, like me, these moments : crying, multiple round-trip, the last kiss (third time), the glass of water asked for the night … . All of them are attemps to not to got to bed of course, but they’re also manifestations four kids’ apprehension. Hence the importance of the evening story that creates a quiet conniving moment with our child… 

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane/ nightgown by Louis Louise
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane/ Night gown by Louis Louise.

Among bedtime stories, some of them particularly help to calm down nocturnal anxieties. Nathalie Frydman, a specialist in children’s literature working at Tschann bookshop, and I, have established a selection of books that address different aspects of the night:

  • books that talk about the life during the night : the inner life of dreams and nightmares, but also life in and out of the house.
  • books that calm children by  including the night in a set of comforting rituals.

In these photos, Daphné wears a  Louis Louise nightgown.




Les Aventuriers du Soir (no translation), Anne Brouillard, éditions des Eléphants : a boy’s leaving his house at night and is going to explore Nature around with a mix of fear and pleasure. A poetic story with beautiful illustrations. From 3-4 years.


Hannah’s Night by Komako Sakai, Ecole des Loisirs : a little girl wakes up in the middle of the night and explores her house. A fascinating adventure : opening the refrigerator, playing with her big sister’s pencils … And always, the poetic vision of Komako Sakai. From 3 years.


Quand un enfant s’endort (no translation), Malika Doray and Annelore Parot, Seuil Jeunesse. A book about dreams and the world coming into life when the child falls asleep. Sweet and poetic, thanks to the beautiful illustrations of Annelore Parot. From 18 months.


Mes rêves, Xavier Deneux (no translation), Tourbillon editions. A beautiful picture book with phosphorescent light, which changes silhouettes in daylight and in darkness. To be read hidden under the covers to see appear the moon, fireflies, stars, a lighted window … For toddlers and older children.


You and Me, Little Bear, Martin Waddell et Barbara Firth, Pastel. A book to tame night and fears. Little bear who can not sleep because of his fear of the dark, leaves with his dad to discover  the night and see how beautiful it is … From 2 years.



Undoubtedly, the most numerous books  in children’s literature … Those who speak about little habits and rituals to fall asleep…


Good night, everyone, Chris Haughton,  Thierry Magnier éditions. Little Bear did not sleep. With Mama Bear, they leave to tour the forest and meet the other animals who themselves are beginning to fall asleep. While everyone is yawning and preparing for sleep, Little Bear himself is falling asleep. Good night everybody…



Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown, illustrations by Clement Hurd, Edition Ecole des Loisirs. It’s time to go to bed. Baby looks around and says good night to people and things around him. One way to reassure and to link the night to the daily routine.


1,2, 3 moutons (no translation), Valérie Weishar Giuliani et Soufie Regani, Ecole des Loisirs. Every night it’s the same thing. Marius finds the best pretexts not to fall asleep. Her mother asked him to count sheeps. Marius also wants to count the sheeps’ friends … and maybe even the wolf! Marius is not about to fall asleep! A lot of humor in this bedtime story…


Little Mice go to bed, Kazuo Iwamura, Ecole des Loisirs. Through the always delightful illustrations of Kazuo Iwamura, we are told every evening ritual in the mice family: bathing, dinner, evening toilet … Sweet, relaxing and comforting!


Le livre qui dort, Ramadier et Bourgeau, Ecole des Loisirs.

A child asks the book if it is ready to sleep: if it has washed his teeth, if it wants a story …. A funny and conniving moment  to share with your child.


Louis louise

Thanks once more  to Nathalie Frydman for her great selection. If you are in Paris, please go and meet her in her lovely bookshop : Tschann, 125 boulevard du Montparnasse in the 6th …

Many thanks also to Louis Louise who gave us this beautiful nightgown, part of its new Night collection.

See you on Thursday with Vanessa Gerbrandy that will give you a scrumptious recipe to make with the children during the Autumn holidays.

Happy holidays,



  • Merci pour toutes ces chouettes idées, je me sens en effet très concernée, mon dernier (plus pour longtemps) ayant de grosses difficultés à entrer paisiblement dans le sommeil… Il profite de l’histoire de ses frère et sœur, mais peut-être n’est-ce pas suffisant, et je me demande si je ne vais pas piocher dans cette petite liste…

    Et puis “Tu ne dors pas petit ours ?”, un joli souvenir d’enfance que mes propres enfants sont heureux de retrouver chez leurs grands-parents.

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