Childhood games

Jeux d’enfance.

Today, Julie is in charge of this new post about boardgames. You’ve already known her as she writes our monthly cultural agenda. 


You’re fed up with your kids video games, aren’t you? What about proposing your own childhood successful boardgames?


For younger ones, teenagers and more! A success!

Battleships by Legler, 21,81€ on Fnac

Versailles pick-up stick (a Mikado chic version)

From 16,99 € on  jouets en

Colorful master mind 

Mastermind stands for childhood’s nostalgia…  Who doesn’t remember the cardoard box with this elegant kind of James Bond man ?! The objective is clear : find the right code. Fascinating and  timeless!

Wooden Mastermind, from 22,50€ on coccinelle boutique

Tangram or Chinese jigsaw

Not that easy : you have to be very patient to find the solution !

Tangram Vilac – around  22€ on jouets en folie

Pope Joan : best family game

The most beautiful board game with lots of colors…. For all the family members (till 8 players).

40€ on Natiloo

Timeless Dominos

Traditional domino has been quite forgotten along the years. But it’s a really good game you can take with you whereever you go to make the kids busy.

Traditional dominos, 5,50€ on la folle adresse

Graphic Backggamon

A strategic game that can be a great alternative to draughts or chess!

Backgammon Games Room, 18,90€ chez Fleux

Frog version of Solitaire game

A legendary game that teaches patience! A great help with kids 😉 …

Around 18€ on Amazon.


Now your kids have many many things to do during long wintertime !

Have a lovely day,


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