First days into high school

Last year, Anna, my eldest daughter, started high school. Big change : new school, new disciplines, ten teachers (vs one schoolteacher) and plenty of new faces!

I tried to be as present as possible during the first months, until she gain more independence and be able to organize herself.

To help, we set up several tricks and tips that I want to share now with you because they have been very effective! 

PS : the translation from French to English was a bit difficult because of lots of technical words… Sorry for the mistakes 😉


1. Hang a timetable in your kid’s bedroom

Take a big sheet of paper and make your kid copy  his schedule for the week.  Use a defined color for each discipline. Example: English in green, History in blue, and so on.

You can also opt for nice calendars, such as the ones from Season Papers 

Write alerts for the days you must take your  pool or gym bag.

2. Classify

Set boxes or folders you will classify by discipline to gather together exercise books, manuals and flying sheets when your kid unpacks his schoolbag..

Do not hesitate to mark all the textbooks, notebooks etc. of a discipline with the same color (a colored spot on the label for instance). It simplifies a lot when your kids has to pack his schoolbag!

3. Manage your kid’s time

Suggest he should revise the lessons for the next day in the evening : easier to follow and participate in class when you’re comfortable with the lesson !

On weekends, help him to organize his time to do his homework. I often help Anna prioritize homework :

  • On weekend  : long homework, research,..
  • During the week: rather short and last minute exercises

4. Your kid shoud pack his schoolbag on the evening

Get a check list for each day of the week that he could check mentally each day when he packs.

5. To learn lessons, highlight keywords or make summary sheets.

6. Go to bed early … because starting high school is tiring!


If you have other tips to share, please leave them in comments! We’re always looking for new tips 😉

Have a good end of week,

Emilie xx.

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