Julie’s cultural agenda #2 : May

Today, Julie Lautier, our culture specialist, gives us all the laces to go with children in Paris, London and all over France!


Forget April Fool, May is coming full of lilies of the valley as well as of shows, exhibitions and many other surprises. Here is May’s cultural agenda !

Lento: the circus within the « Théâtre de la Ville » (Paris)

Early May, let’s pop to the circus, not below the tent but inside the vast « Théâtre de la Ville ». As part of the 4th edition of the “Childhood and youth journey”, this theater hosts the remarkable company called “Nuua”.  Oneiric and poetical, with its stage full of balloons, this show is an invitation to dream for young and old alike.
It also shows how creative and vigorous youth arts can be.
Lento at Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) until May 7th.

Mumo, the wandering museum (across Europe)

In May, let’s go back and forth looking for the sun, idle moments on bank holidays, poppy fields and, above all, “Mumo”, an itinerant museum within a truck! Mumo is very hard to please: among the featured artists, you will find renowned ones as Miquel Barcelo, Maurizio Cattelan, Daniel Buren or Cheri Samba. In the form of a container, the wandering museum goes beyond the traditional boundaries of modern art. After having stopped at 6 different countries, it is currently driving around the French roads, in Lorraine particularly, before heading for its next destination, Luxembourg.

You can find its tour on Mumo‘s website

The Line (London)

Yippee, May has come ! It is an ideal time to enjoy long weekends, getaways and strolls. If you are in London, you will be among the happy few able to discover “The Live”, the new crazy British project.  It is a 3-mile path inspired by New York’s High Line, which brings together sculptures from prestigious artists as Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Eduardo Paolozzi… Kids will surely like those gigantic art installations!

The Line, beginning on May 23rd 

The children’s house at « Cent Quatre » (Paris)

Conceived by Matali Crasset, the brilliant children’s house is extending. Located at the heart of the “Cent Quatre”, no booking is needed : you can go with your kids whenever you want. In this place, little children will experience with matter while enjoying being with you. A must for all children below 5 year old.

More information available on Cent Quatre’s website

French Book, « Pas encore au dodo ? »

Once your kids have seen all that, if there are not exhausted enough to go to bed, they may need a nice story to help them go to sleep. Good news, Alex Sanders, THE author for kids (you most probably have one of his books at home!) has published a new book (in French).
« Pas encore au dodo ? » is destined to become an essential story to go to beddy-byes! 

« Pas encore au Dodo ? » by Alex Sanders – Published by l’Ecole des Loisirs


Many thanks to Julie! Eager to go to the Cent Quatre’s with my kids! You can follow Julie on her cultural website, Les Branchés,  to know everything about conteporary and eclectic culture!

See you on Sunday to talk about our family holidays in Auvergne!



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