Milk and Honey

Although a great reader, I do not talk very often about my own reading finds. But this time, the book Milk and Honey, written by  young New York Indian Rupi Kaur, struke me so much that this post became obvious.

At a time when we are talking a lot about the feminist issue in the media and when we’re questioning our rights and place in the society, this volume of poetry dedicated to women, their feelings and their intimacy is a hymn to our deep nature.

Rupi, only 23 years old, describes,through her short poems, femininity, male/female relationships (and also male domination, the strength of patriarchy in traditional societies …), love, rupture, suffering … In short, everything that drives us every day! Words are precise, grammaire is simple, for flawless accuracy. Rupi manages to create poems that are both soft and violent and  where the emotion is displayed through every single word. Really unforgettable!

Rupi accompanies her poems with her own drawings that get elegantly entangled to the text, for even more poetry and strength …



I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and you will love this book too! Would you be interested in talking more about literature here?


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Emilie xx.



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