Spring with books

While Spring is fast approaching and Nature is awakening slowly, I’d like to share with you two beautiful albums that explain children the charm of seasons: Nature’s Day and How does it grow?

Both books make us learn and discover in detail the seasons, mixing scientific content and poetic approach. For little ones… and even adults!



Nature’s Day is an Anglo-american book published in 2015 by Kay McGuire, who was educated at the Royal Botanics Gardens, Kew, and Danielle Krol, who is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn. This book is a treasure of discovery and poetry : it examines in detail every season and shows the changes that take place not only in the meadows, orchard or field, but also in the farm and in the city streets. The illustrations are sweet and poetic, the text is precise, short and easy to understand. For example, we learn why the wood has a pungent smell during Spring time, how to soothe nettle stings, how ivy clings to the wall …

Theoretical knowledge mingle with practical tips, which allows our little readers to never get bored and be constantly surprised!

From 4-5 years old. Surely that even adults willlearny a lot of things about seasons and Nature! Enlightning for all of us indeed!



Once again, an album full of scientific knowledge! To write this book, Gerda Muller has been helped by two gardeners from the Jardin des Plantes (Paris): Alain Douineau and Sophie Deschamps. This book, full of sweet vintage illustrations, tells us all about gardening and seasonal changes. Following the adventures of little Sophie, on a journey at her grand-parents’, we discover the secrets of planting and we’re ready to do it by ourselves right after! A real gardening class!

From 5 years old.



I hope  you’ve enjoyed this immersion into Spring!

On Monday, our dietician Lila will give us many smart and delicious recipes to cook  young spring sprouts.

You can have a look at our ‘We’d like to’ section on the home page : we will give you lots of ideas to enjoy your next Easter weekend!  

Have a wonderful weekend,



  • Bonjour Emilie,

    Magnifiques ces livres et je me dis qu’ils pourraient m’aider à faire assimiler à ma “grande” la chronologie (semaine, saisons etc.) car a priori elle a un peu de mal avec cet aspect-là. Je pensais aussi à un calendrier que nous pourrions créer ensemble… Que d’idées, que d’idées ! Je t’embrasse,
    The Daydreamer

      • merci, mais en campagne on ne trouve pas facilement ce genre de livre ou alors il faut passer commande… en tout cas belle découverte merci

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