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Before starting this post, I wish you a Happy New Year 2018! May it bring you joy, love, a multitude of personal or professional projects … and especially the pleasure of living at your own pace, according to your own desires!

For this first post, let me introduce to you a book that has become our reference at home : The Great Book of Good Manners (only in French none the less) published by French kids magazine Bubble and Gründ editions.

This book addresses not only traditional good manners and politeness to others, but also broader respect for oneself, others and the world. It is not  a moralizing book, but rather of a concrete, practical and playful approach of the everyday life of the child (even of the adult). We talk about ordinary situations such as morning at home, school day, shopping at the supermarket, homework, toilets, but also about the attitude towards friends, different people … andyourself.

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane

The texts and illustrations are simple and funny, accessible to a child from 3 years old. You can even suggest reading the album to your teenagers or read it with your whole family because it is often good to come back to the basic principles of living together. It’s  also very interesting to discuss and question some topics  together as a family … 😉

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


For me, a good resolution for 2018 would be just to better follow the simple principles of this Great Book of Good Manners, such as to be sincere, to refrain from judging different people and to accept them or to respect nature. What about you 😉 ?

Let’s meet again next week for a healthy seasonal recipe!

Have a wonderful start to this new week,

Emilie xx.


  • Bonjour,

    Merci pour vos bons vœux.

    Meilleurs vœux pour vous et vos proches !

    Que 2018 soit une année belle, lumineuse, pleine de projets, avec mille découvertes enrichissantes et remplie de doux plaisirs.


  • Merci Emilie pour ce très bel article. Tu as mis en exerge les points les plus importants, le respect des autres et de l’environnement. C’est émouvant pour l’auteur de voir que cela peut toucher les lecteurs 🙂 Et les photos de ta fillotte sont toujours aussi belle. Merci, merci pour cet hommage !

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