Nicoletta and Romeo, Bangkok

Today, I’m happy to start again my family interviews around the world with Nicoletta, 37 and Romeo, 38. This Italian couple lives in Thailand with their three kids..

Before moving to Thailand, Nicoletta  used to work in Press Offices and Fashion PR Studios both in Milan and London. Now she does freelance photography and styling. Her husband runs a family business in the field of packaging. 

Most of the months, they  live in Bangkok, Thailand. When kids have long school holidays, they also spend spring and summer in Italy, and sometimes a couple of weeks during winter too. 

They’ve been living in Thailand for almost 14 years now. All their  kids, Flavio (9), Giorgia (7) and Paola (4). were born in Bangkok. They live in the outskirts of Bangkok to be closer to the factory, in a house with a big garden. 

Nicoletta tells us here about their everyday life as a family in Bangkok.




Bangkok is an exciting and vibrating city to live in.  There are lots of synergies coming from the street life, like the bold colours, the scents, the food stalls, the smiley and friendly people, the old and new temples, the tuk-tuks (motorized cycle rickshaws) which make Bangkok an interesting place to grow up as a kid. Life happens in the streets of Bangkok and right there you can absorb and learn the essence of the real Thai culture.  I am glad that my kids can experience this, because the cultural diversity with Italy is impressive and they do notice these lifestyle differences between Europe and Asia.

There is the other side of the coin that, of course, shows its disadvantages. Bangkok is a megalopolis, hence challenging at times and chaotic most of the times, too many cars and too much traffic to face daily.

Since the weather is most of the time hot and humid, the city offers plenty of beautiful indoors activities like playgrounds, interactive libraries, ice-skating, bowling, arts and crafts workshops and so on. We have done these in the past, but now that the kids are growing up we are feeling more like escape the city every time we can. My daughter Giorgia loves horses and luckily we have a riding school just behind our house, so every week she rides.

Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei

Thailand has a lot to offer beyond its capital of Bangkok. There is the sea with its beautiful beaches, easily reachable in a couple of hours by car or by plane. There are ancient cities and ancient parks with old temples and fascinating Buddha statues to visit. Rice fields to discover and freshly brewed coffee to sip in the north of Thailand while the kids enjoy eating berries and tropical fruits.

Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei

We are building a beach house, almost ready to move in (maybe if Emilie invites me again, I’ll come back to share with you in Sweet Cabane ☺  ahah) and we can’t wait to be there every weekend to enjoy all the water sports and fun that this place has to offer. Nature and culture are the best playgrounds for my kids, I reckon.  Nothing educational or technological man built for the kids can beat the power of Mother Nature to educate and stimulates their creativity.

Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei
Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei

A stroll on the beach to collect treasure finds, a trip to an island to discover fish species and corals while snorkeling, learning how to sail a boat and how to tie marine knots at the royal yacht club near by our beach house, making a bonfire on the beach at night time, all these places are mainly our playgrounds.




Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei

My kids truly love Italian food. We often make homemade pizza at home as we have a wood fired oven in the garden.  My husband is a champion in making the dough, so here is a recipe how to make a real pizza from Naples (see full recipe above):

Photo Credit : Nicoletta Romei

When we hit the monsoon months, we get a lot of rain, like really a lot! Every afternoon there is a tropical storm, which is impossible to play outside. My big kids love any kind of board game, from chess to risiko, from memory game to monopoly.  My boy also loves to doodle a lot, while the girls enjoy to paint. 

Flavio, who is almost 10, loves to read mainly comics. His favourite books are Smile, Ghosts and Drama. He’s also into Harry Potter a lot, so any book of this series is a must read for him.  Giorgia, 7, is still into bedtime stories. So she reads all the classical fairytales that I used to read when I was small too. Paola, 4, loves big books with big illustrations. We recently bought ZOOLOGIQUE by Joelle Jolivet, the book is half of her height and every night she wants to look at the animals and read their names in French. I just wish my French could be better! ☺



Many many thanks to Nicoletta for this exciting interview! Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

See you next week for a Easter recipe!

Lots of love,

Emilie. xx


  • PIZZA MARGHERITA recipe by Nicoletta  : Ingredients
    • 500g water
    • 850g pizza flour or Manitoba flour
    • 25g salt
    • 1.5g dry yeast
    • bufala mozzarella
    • tomato sauce
    • basil

    In a bowl whisk the dry yeast with room temperature water (500g) until the yeast is completely dissolved. Let it rest for 2 minutes.  Pour the water with the yeast into your mixing machine and add 500g of flour and mix at the medium speed. Add slowly the rest of the flour and knead for about 20minutes. When the dough has taken its shape, add salt and continue to mix for 5 minutes. Now that your pizza dough is ready, let it rise for at least 3 hours or until it doubles its size. 

    Once the three hours for rising have passed, the next stage is the shaping of dough balls (about 250g each), which must be carried out exclusively by hand. Dough balls need to rise for at least another hour. 

    After the second rising, the dough ball has grown in volume and moisture and it’s ready to be flattened, dressed with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil and baked. Enjoy!

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