Our favourite summer workbooks

cahiers d'été, Sweet Cabane

This is a selection of French workbooks for kids. I’ve selected them according to the age of the kids. Unfortunately, I think they’re mainly French ones. So forgive me this time again ;)! Next post (on Thursday), I will talk dietetics with our nutrionist Lila : she will select all the good summer food that helps to have a radiant and healthy complexion. Of course,  it will be translated in English.


For older ones

Petit cahier de géographie : jouez à réviser vos classiques! Collection Les Petits Cahiers d’Antan, Jacques Guimard, éditions Hors Collection. A funny workbook to learn everything about French geography.

Cahier de vacances Art, près de 120 jeux pour ne plus bronzer idiot, Editions Palette... Perfect to learn or refresh your Art culture!

For 6 years-old kids and more

I love Paris et I love Londres, par Marie Levêque, éditions Marcel et Joachim : funny workbooks for kids to mix learning and games. You will address many famous monuments or sites in both capital cities.

Astrapi Poche, spécial vacances, éditions Bayard. Games, comics, jokes… Perfect for a great summertime!!!

En vacances avec les cours Legendre, Français et Mathématiques, cours et éditions Legendre.  To efficiently review the past years’ educational program.

From 3 to 6 years-old

Abricot, mon premier cahier de jeux, Editions Fleurus and Petits jeux et énigmes 3 ans+, éditions Yoyo.  Games, exercices, stories and comics for our little ones.

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