One year !

Sweet Cabane's birthday - Sweet Cabane

One year !

Today, it’s Sweet Cabane’s birthday! It’s been a year since I’ve stated writing in this virtual place : to share recipes first, then findings and books we love… Nothing special at this very beginning!

Then I wanted to integrate other parents ‘ “voices” through interviews about family life to know how other families manage their daily life. I think interviewing is a good way to share tips and good practices! A few weeks later, I started interviewing inspiring and touching mothers about their professional path… Great moments indeed!

In the end, Sweet Cabane has become a kind of ‘urban cabin’ where everybody can find his place and feel at ease, just like you feel at home (dads, mums, but also singles)

I feel the same, behind my computer : for me, Sweet Cabane is a welcoming and open place. There’s not one single family model and we can be paradoxical as long as we’re sincere!  We can be a Nature lover and a true city girl, very maternal…and elegant, fashion addict and classic, consumer and environmentalist (in a certain way of course)… 😉 !

Sweet Cabane will still gain its ground : new interviews, news trends, fresh Spring recipes and new findings on the shop. To be continued … at the whim of our wishes!

I really hope you will continue to come here! If you like Sweet Cabane, please go and talk about to your friends!




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