Slowing down in the city

If this blog I created almost four years ago, has only one objective, it would be the one to learn to slow down, to live according to the seasons, either we live in the countryside or in the city …

However, everyday, I struggle with this hard goal, often difficult to achieve …More and more intense work,  mental load (yes, the famous one), full agenda … In short, not easy  to slow down on a daily basis!

But, to avoid the overflow, often at the origin of depression, it is precisely necessary to learn how to really slow down. 



Ten days ago, I attended a cycle of conferences organized by the well-being Dutch brand Rituals and Psychologies Magazine … I’ve learnt there a lot of little tricks to help me slow down and take the time. Here are the ones I would like to share with you…

  • REALLY be present. As Coco Brac de la Perrière suggests, we should learn how to look at the world differently, with a fresh and benevolent look. This implies leaving out automatisms and  ready-made thoughts, which are often limiting (Among ​​the 90000 thoughts we produce each day, 70% of them are negative ones !!!). In this sense, mindfulness meditation is a very good way to learn how to focus. It is also a pre-requisite to listening attentively to others. One can meditate only a few minutes at the beginning, with the help of podcasts for example, then gradually increase the time… it is not that easy to learn how to concentrate a long time when one is not trained!

  • Introduce rituals in your daily life, as suggests Charles Pépin. Unlike the habit that relies on the unreflective repetition of the same actions, rituals introduce a fixed framework,  conducive to change. This framework, decided in advance, independent of the will, will allow the thought to progress, the new ideas to emerge … For example, when, every Saturday morning, I practice yoga (or for others, walking, running, going to  his / her /  psychanalyst…), this offers me a pefect frame to change and to make emerge your deepest desire, the one which puts us in movement and makes us live …
Charles Pépin lors des conférences… Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


  • Take care of your body (which will immediately have a beneficial influence on the whole being, of course). Exfoliation, massage, inhalation of sweet fragrances … so many good practices that help slowing down. That’s the whole philosophy of the Dutch brand Rituals, which offers body care rituals from gentle products with relaxing scents. Among the eight rituals proposed by the brand, my two favorites are Ritual of Dao and Ritual of Sakura whose subtle and fresh scents make us travel to China for one, to Japan for the other. The textures are light and melting, perfect for a moment of relaxation. Thanks to these rituals composed of four stages (ranging from exfoliating your body to vaporizing a sweet mist on your bed), the body really relaxes, ready for a good restful sleep …
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Ritual of Sakura
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it brought you some tricks, or at least a breath within the day … And you, how do you relax in the whirlwind of everyday life? please, tell me!

Lots of love,

Emilie. xx

N.B: This article was written in collaboration with Rituals that invited me to the conferences.


  • Purée tu m’as donné envie de filer à la boutique de Nantes Rituals qui a ouvert il y a peu! J’aime un truc tout bête, prendre un “temps” pour me masser les mains et sentir l’odeur….Tu as raison on ne prend pas assez le temps et pourtant c’est ici un objectif ultime!

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