Rangements eco-friendly et charmants pour les kids

Monpetitzoreol, sacs en papier, Sweet Cabane

Eco-friendly and charming storage for kids.

The biggest question with kids’bedroom is ‘how to hide all these unaesthetic toys’ ?

monpetitZoRéoL, a French brand  ‘Made in Paris’ has found a great solution : beautiful storage’s bags! Audrey, a graphic designer and mum of a baby boy, creates beautiful, eco-friendly, playful and practical paper bags. Each paper bag is unique and hand made by Audrey herself from her own drawings and illustrations. Drawing style is playful, poetic and colorful and Audrey frequently changes her designs.

This young creative mum also makes lovely wood or wool pearls garlands, and funny posters for kids bedrooms.

Monpetitzoreol, sacs en papier, Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : monpetitZoreol

Paper bags exist in two sizes and ten shades.

Please go and have a look on monpetitZoRéoL‘s website, where you will also find the origin of the brand’s name! monpetitZoRéol ships wordwide 😉 …

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monpetitzoreol - Sweet Cabane

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