Simplified beauty routine

Dear all,

I hope you had a great Christmas break and that you’ve started January in a very good mood, full of great resolutions. Here, our main goal of the year is to become more responsible  and to live in a more sustainable way. This is what I’ve always wanted from the beginning for Sweet Cabane and what I will intend to confirm even more this year because it is a major issue for all of us.


For almost a year now, I’ve completely changed my beauty routine thanks to the advice and care of Cécile Cotten, whom I told you about here, and it’s completely changed my skin! No more redness, oily skin, … so no need for foundation or BB cream!

Then, last November, I discovered Les Inspyrées new natural & sustainable skincare products, which, like Cécile philosophy, are inspired by Japanese layering and propose a very simple and easy beauty routine.

  • In the evening, put as few skincare products as possible to let the skin breathe and regenerate itself: remove make-up, wash your face, then spray a floral water. That’s all! The skin works alone and regenerates effectively during the night.
    In the morning, just use a floral water and an adapted care oil with which you can massage the face until complete absorption.
    An easy routine, fast, economical … and the most effective I know!
Crédit photo : Emilie Roncal.

Les Inspyrées skincare products are made from high quality cold pressed oils, avoiding essential oils. Several routines adapted to the different types of skins are proposed. They vary mainly with regard to the floral water and the type of sérum :

  • Remove make-up with ‘Mise à Nu’ oil : based on organic vegetable oils of olive, avocado, hemp and chamomile extract. For all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. We can use their washable cotton pads that are great (and good for the planet)
  • Cleanse the skin with Savon Surgras, rich in olive, babassu and karite oils. You can even wash your hair with it and the result is really great! Again, economical, good for the skin and effective!
  • Moisturise your skin with chamomile, lavender or rose water, according to your skin needs
  • Finally,  protect and repair your skin with an adapted sérum (they propose several ones on their online shop).
Les carrés de coton lavables.
Crédit photo : Emilie Roncal.
Crédit photo : Emilie Roncal.
Crédit photo : Emilie Roncal.
Crédit photo : Emilie Roncal.

For my part, I use rose water and plum oil :).

I just wanted to add that Les Inspyrées is a small company located in Ariege that claims its ecological and fair dimension and also has obtained the very demanding label of ‘Nature et Progres’.

I strongly recommend this brand. My daughter Anna also uses it to help her to treat acné problems … Very effective!


Do not hesitate to go to Les Inspyrées website and support this young brand if you are convinced. I think this is the kind of business that drives our country and ourselves as individuals towards a better future!

Big hugs from Paris,


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