San Francisco’s calling

Dear all,

This post is very special to me as I’d like to tell you here about our family move to San Francisco in California where we’re about to live for several years.

This is an experience we’ve been eager to live for many years and we have finally taken the plunge!
As you know if you follow me for several years, I truly enjoy discovering new cultures, learning foreign languages ​​(especially English) and I’m attached to a slow lifestyle even in the city (the reason why I launched Sweet Caban five years ago). San Francisco seems to fit perfectly with a calmer and closer nature lifestyle while permittingenjoying all the cultural benefits of a big city.
We’re also very happy to offer this rich cultural experience to our three kids.


Risu Risu dress in organic cotton

The city of SF also seems to me the ideal place to even better develop Sweet Cabane, bringing you back my findings in many areas. I’m particularly eager to talk to you about ecological and sustainable brands and behaviours, that are highly developed in California. In that way, I hope to be more present here to show you places, recipes, new beauty, decoration and fashion brands from California. The blog will remain bilingual as it is today (I surely will improve my English 😉 …).

I will also continue my job as a photographer, which is a work but also a personal hobby, working both for French and American brands.


Concretely, our move is approaching … We have already planned schools for children. It will be the French Lycee for all our three kids : 2d grade for Daphne, 7th grade for Augustin and… 10th grade for Anna (oh my god!).
We have just found a home in Noe Valley family neighborhood.

We will leave France late July to take the time to quietly settle there throughout the month of August and be ready for the new school year.

However, I think goingback to Paris a few times a year to see our family of course, but also to work with my Parisian clients who are dear to me … It will be a Californian adventure, but always with Parisian roots.

I look forward to discovering our new home and  this exceptional site of San Francisco Bay! I really hope that you will follow me in this adventure … You can also follow every day the preparations and installation on the Instagram account of @sweetcabane 🙂


But now, the blog continues from Paris and I tell you next week about pretty stationery and photography  books…

Have a lovely week,

Emilie xx.


  • Quelle chance de savoir prendre le temps de concrétiser un si beau projet familial !
    J’ai hâte de vous suivre depuis votre nouveau lieu de vie.
    Bon courage pour le déménagement et la gestion des émotions associées 🙂

  • Je suis ravie pour toi et ta famille. Une expérience formidable pour vous tous et que nous aurons le plaisir de suivre ici et sur IG.

  • Bonjour Emilie,

    Quelle nouvelle! Bonne pour vous, mais je vais vous regretter. Ce sera une aventure formidable et enrichissante pour votre famille, vos enfants particulièrement seront marqués à vie. Cela va enrichir votre travail et nous en serons les bénéficiaires. Je ne vous abandonnerai pas en chemin. Merci pour ce que vous m’avez appris lors de l’atelier chez Maisie Café. Bon courage pour votre déménagement et votre installation.
    Amicalement. JOY

  • Quelle belle aventure Emilie !
    Je continuerai à lire ton blog et admirer tes magnifiques photographies sur Instagram.
    Belle journée !

  • Coucou Emilie,

    Je lis seulement à l’instant ce post ! Great !
    Belle expérience que cet expatriement !
    Je vous souhaite une belle nouvelle tranche de vie.

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