San Sebastian with kids : our own selection

I’ve been visiting San Seabstian ( Spanish Basque Country) for more than 15 years and all along these years we has discovered many good children-oriented addressses and tips.


The Aquarium : lots of amazing fishes, such as sharks, jelly fishes, manta rays… Just in the Old Port, not far from the famous Concha beach.

 Monte Igeldo amusement park : a kind of retro park with lots of great merry-go-rounds and other attractions. For kids, teenagers ans bigger ones. From the site, sea view is amazing.

Swings and merry-go-rounds near the Concha beach : lots of amusements for kids.

Ondaretta beach  : the most kids-oriented beach in San Sebastian. Lots of great nautic games and activities for kids.


Sweets per kilo at Kuskulo’s (Boulevard Zumardia, 18) : an amazing choice of sweets!

Cakes and sweets at Otaegui ‘s: near the Old Town, one of the most delicious cakes and pies in town!

Ice-creams at Argitan’s ( Reina Regente Kalea, 7) , so delicious… like all the ice-creams shops in Boulevard Zumardia

And lot of fruit juice coffee shops, such as Ijen Tea Kafea, just near the Port for a healthy break!

Night out

When you’re a family, go and eat delicious hamburgers at Va Bene (Boulevard Zumardia, 14) : this restaurant has been here for 30 years, a reference!

For parents, a wonderful cocktail bar with an amazing sea view : Gu

And to eat delicious pinxos (basque tapas), just go through the 31 de Agosto streetin the Old Town : great bars and a very festive atmosphere (well-known street, selected by the New York Times)

Bokado, just near the Aquarium (1 place Jacques Cousteau) . Delicious basque gastronomy and amazing sea view.

Kids ‘shops

Bonpoint, Mango kids, Zara kids and other stores… Children fashion is great in San Sebastian, above all during summer sale (70%off)!!

Hope it will help you if you go and visit San Sebastian this summer!

Emilie x.

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