Father’s Day gift list

In France, Father’s Day will be into 10 days and it’s not that easy to find a gift for dads indeed, don’t you think? No flowers, nor sweets  like for us… So, with the kids, we brainstormed a lot and listed here many different kinds of potential gifts to offer to a Dad… From magazines to a pair of shorts, the selection is quite large, indeed! I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Thin stripes beach shorts by  Rag and Bones : straight cut, light fabric … Briefly, perfect for the summer to stay chic while feeling at ease. And shorts have become new essentials in men’s wardrobe, haven’t they?


Oud Wood Tom Ford body spray : a light and scented mist, inspired by the fragrance of the same name. Woody and peppery scent, perfect for summer!


Pickwick Cycle bag by Brooks : a chic and very practical backpack for city life to travel by bicycle while remaining on top of elegance. It’s a must-have, made in England since 1880.


Leather card holder by the French handmade brand Sellier : robust, aesthetic and functional …Perfection!


A subscription to SO FOOT magazine, not only because the Euro Football Cup starts today, but also to permit him to be globally informed about culture and society!


Food magazine 180 ° C. For dads who cook, or who simply like to talk about food and fine wines, or to know new food trends. A beautiful review you can found online or in bookstores and that you can leave easily lying around the living room …


Navy Riviera shoes. These classic shoes from the Costa Blanca are super comfortable and combine simplicity and elegance.


Last Dennis Lehane’s book, World Gone by : a family and mafia story in the US, during World War II … In short, all the talent of Dennis Lehaneis in this book! You are sure not to go wrong …


Churchill’s Secret Agent by Bob Maloubier, Tallendier. The book is written by the French  secret agent Bob Maloubier himself. It plunges us into the heart of the Resistance during WWII. The tone is removed, the pace is breathtaking  … A real good moment!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection! See you on Tuesday to meet a wonderful family living in Berlin, Germany!

Enjoy your weekend,

Take care,



  • Excellente liste d’idées ! Je n’en dirais pas plus pour ne pas qu’il découvre ici ses cadeaux du 19, mais il risque d’être gâté ce Papa-là !

  • Belle sélection avec un gros coup de coeur pour le sac noir. Il sera gâté aussi cette année car en plus des cadeaux traditionnels des enfants, il va recevoir un cadeau que l’on utilisera tous ensemble pour nos vacances à la Grande Motte. Le drap XXL qui peut accueillir toute la famille et qui en plus ne s’envole pas de Obaba Paris.

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