Wonder Van

Wonder Van. We bought a few weeks ago a wonderful Seventies’ Volkswagen tent/van. I can’t resist showing it to you because it’s a wonderful playing for all my kids, from 3 to 10 years-old! It’s very spacious so that all the kids can stay inside together. its form as a van is a good way for imaginating travels, escape and lots of other playing. It’s also very practical as it’s got perfect dimensions for indoor playings  (see dimensions below) and…

Making an herbarium

Making an herbarium. During our summer holidays in the French countryside, the kids and I decided to start an herbarium to keep memories from our long walks and places we went to. After collecting fresh herbs (verbena, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil), flowers (hydrangea, roses, jasmine) and leaves (magnolia, prunus), we made them dry out under a pile of books for seven days. Then we stuck them in a notebook and wrote the name, the date and the place of collection….

Rainy day ? Omy afternoon!

Paris omy colourings

Rainy day ? Omy afternoon! The Omy colourings are just perfect for children when the weather is bad! Many advantages : it requires time, imagination, creativity … and it’s very funnny!  You can also use the colourings to decorate your children’s bedroom. Lots of different colourings exist : London, New York, Cosmos, Play. Medium or extra large size. There are also very funny placemats to colour while dining… Omy Paris Medium colouring, 14,90 €, on little fashion gallery, smallable or omg