A whole day doing nothing

Who never got tired of seeing her son playing on games console … or her teenage daughter talking on Snapchat or on Instagram, lying on her bed?

All these everyday connected objects certainly have many benefits, but they can deeply hurt children’s creativity. At home, I’ve observed that as soon as we deprive the kids of using the laptop or the games’ console (for various reasons that I will not explain here 😉 ….), after a detox’ phase, they feel again like reading, drawing … and can start again inventing  new wonderful adventures! And if you are in the countryside, it is the opportunity to go out, to discover insects in the garden, to collect the shiny pebbles of the rivers and to imagine wild adventures …

This post is therefore simply an invitation to leave our ‘digital extensions’ aside, to allow non-activity, and (re) discover the world. Finally, it is aimed at both children and adults;).

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane

My opinion was recently reinforced by the  publication of Beatrice Alemagna’s beautiful album called Un Grand Jour de Rien. This lovely book  tells, with delicacy and poetry, the adventures of a little boy who spends his holidays  in the rainy countryside with his mother, busy working with the computer (hmmm, I feel a little bit concerned here). The child plays at the console, then gets tired and goes walking outside. Suddenly, he falls by accident and loses his console ….He thinks he will definitely get bored, but the contrary happens : he learns how to open his eyes to the extraordinary little things that surround him and make this day of nothing an extraordinary and unforgettable moment …

A beautiful book by Beatrice Alemagna, published at Albin Michel Jeunesse.



See you next Tuesday for a post by our dietician Lila talking about the benefits of fermentation for the body. She will also give us good recipes… 😉

Have a lovely week,

Emilie. xx


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