Spring-inspired wardrobe

Of course Winter is not over yet, none the less we’re all dreaming of Spring, with light, colourful but still warm clothes for our kids!

This Spring selection would help us to wait patiently for warmer days, while introducing Spring in our kids’ wardrobe.

All the items I’ve selectionned here are comfortable, warm and mainly for both girls and boys. I’ve given priority to small brands with rather affordable prices.




1.Helio striped sweater, Le Petit Germain : so cute for both boys and girls… For Spring and even fresh Summer days. Lots of pretty colors available on their website 😉

2. Organic fleece cotton dress by Gray Label (the one in the photo above) : so lovely when your girl wears it alone in summer days, or now, with a tee-shirt or even a turtle neck ! As you wish!

3. Pretty organic soft jersey cotton cardigan, Gray Label : to wear all along the year! Colours that will suit both boys and girls on the website.

4. Tino denim jacket by  Louis Louise. Perfect for Spring days!

5. Organic woolen sweater from the collaboration between  American brand Mabo Kids and Spanish brand Babaa. Both casual and stylish. Love it!

6. Organic jersey pants, Le Petit Germain. So comfortable and stylish!

7. Elvis denim dungarees, Louis Louise : perfect with a tee, a blouse, or a shirt! For both boys and girls.

8. Organic cotton  V-neck cardigan by FUB : classic but so pretty!

9. Raincoat by  Mini Rodini. More than necessary for Spring rainy days! Very pretty colors available this season.

10. Silk and cotton leggings, Minimalisma : vital for Spring!

11. Emerald-green fleece pants, Bonton : casual and chic, perfect for Spring days!

12.Organic cotton boy blouse by Poudre Organic … So soft and comfortable!

13. Blue linen tee, Bonton. In love with all the colors that the brand has edited this season! From pale pink to bright yellow.

14. Apple blossom blouse, Poudre Organic : very pretty with dungarees or a dress …

15. Then, the perfect shoes to fit with all these clothes : some ‘Bisou’ tennis shoes  by Mathilde Cabanas x Veja!

Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane
Crédit photo : Sweet Cabane


I hope you’ve  enjoyed this Spring fashion selection! 

Let’s meet next Monday for a ‘Mum at Work’ interview : we’ll go annd meet a young Parisian designer and mum, Caroline, who just founded her jewel brand after working for 15 years as a jurist.

Have a wonderful week,

Take care,

Emilie xx. 

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